I am an enthusiastic graphic designer, I have been fortunate to explore various design practices and perspectives, from intercultural to decolonized design, as I have transitioned from China to America.

Currently, I am pursuing my second master's degree in the Design and Environmental Analysis program at Cornell University. I invite you to join me in my world of design and photography utopia.

Linghao Li |李凌昊
MA Design in D+EA ‘24 
MA Graphic Design and Visual Experience ‘22
BFA Visual Communication Design ‘16
Cornell University|SCAD|TAFA
+ 1 912-391-7213 | ll933@cornell.edu
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From the moment I unwrapped the gift of a Ricoh GR III, it wasn't just a camera; it became an extension of my soul. Every day for the past four years, it has whispered to me, urging me to capture the fleeting moments, the raw emotions, and the untold stories that life presents. This camera has been more than a tool; it's been my gateway to a world unseen, a world I never knew existed.

In the transformative fall23, under the mentorship of the esteemed Dr. A. Moisey, I embarked on a profound journey. Using Photobooks as my compass, I navigated the rich tapestry of photography's history. This exploration wasn't just academic; it reshaped my very essence, refining my artistic vision and deepening my connection to the art.

Through my lens, I seek the heartbeat of everyday life, the drama that unfolds in the quietest moments, and the joy found in life's delightful quirks. Every snapshot is a love letter to the world, a testament to my passion and curiosity. My camera doesn't just capture landscapes; it captures emotions, stories, and dreams.

I invite you to step into my world, to feel what I feel, to see what I see. Welcome to my utopia, a realm where every photograph is a piece of my heart, waiting to resonate with yours."

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