I am an enthusiastic graphic designer, I have been fortunate to explore various design practices and perspectives, from intercultural to decolonized design, as I have transitioned from China to America.

Currently, I am pursuing my second master's degree in the Design and Environmental Analysis program at Cornell University. I invite you to join me in my world of design and photography utopia.

Linghao Li |李凌昊
MA Design in D+EA ‘24 
MA Graphic Design and Visual Experience ‘22
BFA Visual Communication Design ‘16
Cornell University|SCAD|TAFA
+ 1 912-391-7213 | ll933@cornell.edu
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Graphic design isn't just a profession for me; it's a fervent passion. While I may not be able to pinpoint a singular 'design style' that defines me, I take pride in my prowess in illustration, my affinity for font design, and my meticulous approach to typesetting. The entire design process, from conception to realization, brings me immense joy.

Having received the most structured and comprehensive design education in China, coupled with diverse professional experiences, I thought I had a firm grasp on the design world. However, when I set foot in the United States in the summer of 2019, I was introduced to a radically different design education paradigm. This shift prompted introspection: What, at its core, is design? A question so fundamental, yet one that I found myself grappling with, despite it having been posed and answered myriad times before. This existential design quandary propelled me towards the scholarly realm of design research. While I may still be searching for that elusive answer, my unwavering faith in the transformative power of design remains intact. Welcome to my envisioned design utopia.

SongGuang Font - a Mongolian Font Design
Lucky Love - an Information Design
Entangled- an interactive exhibit proposal
Daily “AI” Poster
My Powerpuff - a Typography work
One Time, One Memory, One Story
Martian Language - a Typography work
Please Stop Stealing Sheep
The Perfect Human
Hello World - a Themed Exhibition
Wish You a Happy New Year
HARBIN Architectural Forest
The Apotheosizing Tales of Mine
Oi! Matcha - An Illustration Design
Love’s Poison - a Lable Design
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Illustertion Collection II
Tarot in Y2K
Illustration Collection I
Daily Poster Exercise
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  • 09/2020 -05/2022

  • Professor Ted wants a brief story to be illustrated. Make an illustration that makes the reader want to read the story and feel satisfied after. This task will test each student's unique approach and execution of an illustration, conceptually, technically, and formally, as they work independently in this class. Sketches are not mandatory for this assignment. However, students are encouraged to sketch their ideas for their own development process, as striving for originality, individuality, and a distinctive solution is crucial. In simpler terms, the first solution that comes to mind may not always be the most effective.

It passes on just like this, not ceasing day or night!

For this assignment, delve into the rich tapestry of languages beyond English and unearth a proverb that doesn't lend itself easily to direct English translation. Your challenge is to craft a visual representation of this proverb, creating an illustration that not only captivates the viewer but also conveys the proverb's essence without the need for words. This exercise aims to showcase the power of visual literacy and the ability of art to transcend linguistic barriers.

Consider drawing inspiration from renowned figures like Confucius, whose teachings are replete with profound proverbs. However, it's essential to remember that the final artwork should be devoid of any textual elements. This will emphasize the artwork's ability to convey the proverb's meaning solely through visual cues.