I am an enthusiastic graphic designer, I have been fortunate to explore various design practices and perspectives, from intercultural to decolonized design, as I have transitioned from China to America.

Currently, I am pursuing my second master's degree in the Design and Environmental Analysis program at Cornell University. I invite you to join me in my world of design and photography utopia.

Linghao Li |李凌昊
MA Design in D+EA ‘24 
MA Graphic Design and Visual Experience ‘22
BFA Visual Communication Design ‘16
Cornell University|SCAD|TAFA
+ 1 912-391-7213 | ll933@cornell.edu
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Graphic design isn't just a profession for me; it's a fervent passion. While I may not be able to pinpoint a singular 'design style' that defines me, I take pride in my prowess in illustration, my affinity for font design, and my meticulous approach to typesetting. The entire design process, from conception to realization, brings me immense joy.

Having received the most structured and comprehensive design education in China, coupled with diverse professional experiences, I thought I had a firm grasp on the design world. However, when I set foot in the United States in the summer of 2019, I was introduced to a radically different design education paradigm. This shift prompted introspection: What, at its core, is design? A question so fundamental, yet one that I found myself grappling with, despite it having been posed and answered myriad times before. This existential design quandary propelled me towards the scholarly realm of design research. While I may still be searching for that elusive answer, my unwavering faith in the transformative power of design remains intact. Welcome to my envisioned design utopia.

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  • 10/2019

  • This is the font design work I created for the review of SCAD M.A. graphic design major. And this font covers a total of 1,623 CHARACTERS (Basic English letters + basic Cyrillic letters + numbers + punctuation marks + traditional Mongolian script with different kerning).

  • I am a Mongolian who was born and raised in China, and I hope to design a Mongolian script font with personality. This Song Guang font is my inspiration from my memories and hopes to promote intercultural communication between my hometown and the universe through this font.  


The target audience who is curious about Mongolian culture is influenced by Mongolian culture and has a need for intercultural communication in Mongolian culture in the digital age. They were born after 1940.

The classical or traditional Mongolian script, Computer operating systems have been slow to adopt support for the Mongolian script, and all have incomplete support or other text rendering difficulties. Mongolian culture is very shining in history, but Mongolian culture in the modern civilization system has no sense of participation. The writing system is complex and chaotic, causing intercultural communication between Mongolian culture and other cultures to be full of obstacles. This is an understanding barrier from Mongolian script.

Make a demo

Analyzing the results of previous research and summarizing the characteristics of Chinese characters and Century Font. Finally confirmed a creative direction-a sans serif font of tall ×-height, slightly wider letters, same kerning, and short lifting parts blends two details of Song Guang cinema rough and tall serif and the cut corner on the upper right.

Fianl work

After researching and analyzing, and reorganizing the problems with the demo, I decided on the final design features. Each letter has a 45-degree tangent angle on the upper right side. There are 1623 characters in this set, covering all basic English letters, basic Cyrillic letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and traditional Mongolian script with different kerning. 

This font has been tested and will work well when used as a headline font, and still needs to continue to be optimized in the future for use in multilingual mixed body typography scenarios.